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Z večjo pismenostjo o duševnem zdravju do obvladovanja motenj razpoloženja
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Irena Pan
1 September 2017–4 November 2019

According to estimation mental disorders represent a great social and economic burden since their incidence in adult population will increase in the future rapidly in compare to other categories of illness. It is well known that at least a half of mental disorders in adults begin in childhood and in adolescence. Unfortunately, quality mental health prevention and promotional programs, early detection and treatment of mental disorders, psychotherapy, rehabilitation and social integration of people with mental health problems are still not equally accessible in Slovenia to all population groups and regions. In this respect, the Program OMRA is designed to increase the accessibility to various information related to the early identification of mood disorders and available types of (self) help, through the OMRA website platform and direct educational courses for representatives and users of local stakeholders, consequently contributing to higher level of mood disorders literacy in different population groups.

The Program OMRA is innovative in many aspects. First, because it addresses both the general population and vulnerable groups at the country level and focusing in the Slovenian NE region, which is characterized by markedly unfavourable indicators of health inequalities. Second, because the activities of the program are aiming at local level on direct educational trainings for service providers and their users.  And thirdly, since education about the protection of mental health, its destigmatization and information on various forms of help will be implemented through a freely accessible multidisciplinary web educational platform that goes beyond geographical and time constraints, a strengthening of professional capacities in addressing mental health problems and improving mental health of target groups will be sustainable ensured.

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Ministrstvo za zdravje RS

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Psychology S260 • Psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychosomatics B650 


mental health • mood disorders • depression • Anxiety • education