Research interests

Research fields:

To date, all of researcher's work has been related to the topics in medical anthropology. During postgraduate studies, she has done an extensive research on the concept and social understanding of allergies. Her reflections have been published in a monograph Allergic society: medical anthropological analysis of allergies (2014). Besides that, she has a strong interest in understanding cultural dimensions of transplant medicine (e.g. transformations of personhood, translation of medical innovations in health care, public understanding of cardiac and brain death, challenges in raising awareness, etc.). Some of the previous projects she collaborated at aimed at elucidating aspects of virtual and e-learning environments in public health care and accessibility and the use of preventive medical programmes in Slovenia. She was also intensively involved in the topic of recognition and support management of victims of domestic violence in healthcare settings in Slovenia. Currently she is concentrated on analysing and critically reflecting on socio-cultural dimensions of adaptation in integration of digital technologies in healthcare.


Research projects:

As leader:

January 2016 - May 2018 ...: Health in the pocket and on the internet: critical re-examination of contemporary advanced tools and technological interventions in the healthcare arena (postdoctoral research project). 

As collaborator:

1st June 2018 - : Z večjo pismenostjo o duševnem zdravju do obvladovanja motenj razpoloženja (akronim OMRA).

12. 2. 2015 – 30. 9. 2015: Recognizing and treating victims of domestic violence in health care settings: Guidelines and training for health professionals (Financed by: Norwegian financial mechanism).

2013 – 2015: Technical Assistance for Alignment in Organ Donation (Financed by EU and Turkey: programme EuropeAid /131052/D/SER/TR).

2014: Towards Better Health and Reducing Inequalities in Health or “Together for Health” (Financed by: Norwegian financial mechanism).

2010 – 2012: WebWise: Web 2.0. supported Higher Education Institutional Learning Scenarios. (Financed by: EU – agency EACEA, programe Erasmus – modernisation of higher education). 

2010 – 2011: Developing Guidelines for the Organisation of a European Donation Day. (Financed by: EU – agency EDQM, Health programme).

2007 – 2010: Whole: Web-based Health Organisations Learning Environment. (Financed by: EU – EACEA, Erasmus programme).


Pedagogic work:

2010: Medical anthropology – seminar (Social medicine) for graduate students, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana

2006/2007: Medical anthropology for graduate students, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana


Selected publications

ŠIMENC, Jana. Translating the Start-ups’ Visions into the Medicine and Health’s Near Future. Bulletin of the Slovene Ethnological Society. 2018, 58(3-4), p. 65-75 (original scientific article, summary in English)

ŠIMENC, Jana. Dubbing the digital in medical practice. Bulletin of the Institute for Slovene Etnography. 2017, 57(1-2), p. 45-53. (original scientific article, summary in English)

ŠIMENC, Jana. mHealth and self-quantification in health promotion: some critical considerations. Informatica Medica Slovenica. 2016, 21(1-2), p. 14-20.(research review article)

ŠIMENC, Jana. "Vsi smo preobremenjeni, zdaj pa še to": Pogledi zaposlenih v socialnih in zdravstvenih službah na (ne)sodelovanje v multidisciplinarnih timih v primerih nasilja v družini. / "Everybody is overworked, and now we have to do this as well" - perspectives of social and health care workers on (non)participation in multidisciplinary teams in cases of domestic violence. Socialno delo. 2016, 55(1-2), p. 27-38. (original scientific article, in slovene)

ŠIMENC, Jana (ur). Prepoznava in obravnava žrtev nasilja v družini: priročnik za zdravstveno osebje. Ljubljana: Zdravniška zbornica Slovenije, 2015.

ŠIMENC, Jana. Alergična družba: medicinskoantropološki pogled na alergije, [Allergic society: medical anthropological analysis of allergies]. (Zbirka Angažirano). 1. natis. Ljubljana: UMco, 2014.

ŠIMENC, Jana, AVSEC, Danica. Organ donation after euthanasia: views of professional community in Slovenia. In: WEIMAR, Willem, BOS, Michael A., BUSSCHBACH, Jan (eds). Organ transplantation : ethical, legal and psychosocial aspects, Vol. III : Global issues, local solutions. Lengerich, Westf: Pabst Science Publishers, 2014, 284-289.

ŠIMENC, Jana. Odstiranje vprašanj ter preoblikovanje ločnic: medicinskoantropološki prispevek k razumevanju transplantacijske dejavnosti. Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, 2013/2014, 7, 40-45.

AVSEC, Danica, ŠIMENC, Jana. Donor programmes and public support for organ donation in Slovenia: reflections of Slovenija Transplant. In: RANDHAWA, Gurch, SCHICKTANZ, Silke (eds.). Public engagement in organ donation and transplantation: (from the ELPAT Public Issues Working Group). Lengerich [etc.]: Pabst Science Publishers, 2013, 114-123.

ŠIMENC, Jana. "". Etnolog. 2011, 21(72), 57-75.

ŠIMENC, Jana. Alergije: (psevdo)patologija. [Allergies: a (pseudo) pathology]. Časopis za kritiko znanosti, domišljijo in novo antropologijo, 2009, 37(235/236), 181-189.

Curriculum Vitae


PhD in Social Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (2012)

doctoral thesis: Latent and apparent symptoms: allergies between social, cultural and biological

BA in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (2002)

BA thesis: Crossing medical anthropology and biomedicine: the observation of everyday hospital practice



2006 – 2012: assistant and researcher: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology

2010 – ...: consultant: Slovenija-transplant, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for the Transplantation of Organs and Tissues

2012 – 2015: independent researcher and consultant: several international projects

12. 2. - 30. 9. 2015; 1. 1. 2016 – ...: research assistant: Sociomedical Institute, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts


Research areas

Cultural anthropology, ethnology S220 


medical anthropology • technologies and health • transplant medicine • biomedicine