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Prepoznava in obravnava žrtev nasilja v družini v okviru zdravstvene dejavnosti: smernice in izobraževanja za zdravstvene delavce
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Adil Huselja
12 February 2015–30 June 2016

The lack of systemic and binding procedures for recognition and treatment of domestic violence victims within healthcare service in Slovenia is evident also from poorer identification of domestic violence, inconsistent reporting of violence by health workers and their weak inter-sectoral cooperation. The main objectives of the project address preparation of educational material for health workers, improving their competencies and response to domestic violence particularly when treating vulnerable groups (migrants, Roma, unemployed, the elderly and rural population), encouraging and promoting inter-sectoral cooperation and analysing good practices of responding to domestic violence in Norway.

Educational trainings for 1600 healthcare workers across all Slovenian regions will be carried out. Educational materials and tools will be prepared in order to promote and ensure improved recognition and more efficient treatment of domestic violence victims in healthcare settings.








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Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme 2009 - 2014

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Psychology S260 • General biomedical sciences B001 • Medicine (human and vertebrates) B007 • Psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychosomatics B650 • General practice, medical training B720 


aggression • victims of domestic violence • education • health care