Basic information
Original title:
Population Policy Acceptance Study - The Viewpoint of Citizens and Policy Actors Regarding the Management of Population Related Change
Researchers involved:
1 December 2002–31 December 2005

The main objective of the project is a comparative analysis of cross-sectional data survey among citizens of 14 European countries regarding their views and attitudes towards demographic changes, fertility behaviour, intergenerational sharing of resources and services and population-related policies. The study analyses the values and attitudes which affect the decision-making for bearing children, perceptions of advantages and disadvantages that children have for their parents, the importance of family and parenthood, life expectations, opinions and views on the issues of population policies and measures, the role of government in providing assistance to families and wishes and expectations regarding the roles of gender, paid work and family life.

Project manager


research institutions from 12 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland)

Funded by

European Commission

Fields of research

Social Sciences S000 


views on policies related to changes regarding population • fertility behavior • parenting • gender roles • reconciliation of work and family life • intergenerational solidarity