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Original title:
Generation and gender relationships on farms in Slovenia
Researchers involved:
1 October 2006–30 September 2008
V4-0360 (C)

Research revolves around the question, how family farms resolve the contradictions stemming from the preservation of family tradition on the one hand and the desire of individual for self-fulfilment on the other hand. The study focuses on the context of the family which supports or hinders a transfer of a farm from the older to the younger generation. In this regard, the survey seeks to establish a profile of the addressees of the measures of setting up of young farmers and early retirement.

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Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana

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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food; Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS)

Fields of research

Social Sciences S000 


farm • household • intergenerational relationships • gender relationships • division of labour • decision-making • fertility • parenthood • measures of agricultural politics