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Assessment of mental health risks in residents of the Republic of Slovenia within different statistical regions with an adapted methodology of OECD's Index of better life
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dr. Mojca Z. Dernovšek
15 September 2011–15 November 2011

Within the framework of this expertise several comparative analyses on the scope and burden of mental health in Slovenia were conducted. Some international comparisons with Slovenia on relations of quality of life and mental health problems were carried out as well. Due to Slovenian socioeconomic and demographic heterogeneity, an analysis and a comparison of differences in risks for development of mental health problems were carried out at the level of 12 statistical regions. In the process of analysis, an adapted methodology of OECD Your Better Life Index was applied which, in the context of available sociodemographic, economic and health statistics allows an establishment of comparable dimensions in domains such as: housing, income, jobs, social relationships, education and skills, quality of environment, civil engagement and governance, personal safety, work and life balance. In addition, a compliance study between a number of patients seeking help for a particular mental health problem at the secondary level (psychiatric outpatient services) and expected number of patients with a particular mental health disorder was done, as well as an association of these parameters with the quality of life ratings of inhabitants was investigated in respective Slovene regions.


Conference paper: Assessment of Well-Being Indicators

Research paper: The wellbeing of Slovenia's population by region: Comparison of indicators with an emphasis on health (Lilijana Šprah, Tatjana Novak, Jerneja Fridl); Acta geographica Slovenica, 54-1, 2014

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Ministry of Health

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HUMANITIES H000 • Psychology S260 • Medicine (human and vertebrates) B007 • Psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychosomatics B650 • Public health, epidemiology B680 


mental health • mental disorders • OECD methodology • statistical regions • risk factors associated with mental disorders