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Analysis of risk factors in teenage pregnancies in Slovenia in the last thirty years
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1 January 2000–20 June 2002
J3-2007 (B)

The study has been conducted with an overview of different approaches toteenage pregnancies in the world and supplemented with a survey study and interviews about teenage pregnancies in Slovenia. The quantitative part of the research focused on the identification of the most prominent risk factors for teenage pregnancy in Slovenia and on the comparison of fertility behaviour of adolescent pregnant women and other women in the observed population. Authors compared the research findings in Slovenia with the main results of foreign studies on adolescent pregnancy. The results have been built up with personal interviews with individuals that experienced an adolescent pregnancy.

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Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS)

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HUMANITIES H000 • Medicine (human and vertebrates) B007 


teenage pregnancy • pregnancy outcomes in adolescents • sexual behaviour • contraceptive behaviour • reproductive trends