Basic information
Original title:
Joint Action “Mental health and well-being”
Researchers involved:
1 February 2013–30 March 2016

The main objective of this joint action is to contribute to the promotion of mental health and well-being, the prevention of mental disorders and the improvement of care and social inclusion of people with mental disorders in Europe. This objective will be attained by establishing a process for structured collaborative work on mental health and well-being involving Member States, stakeholders in the health and other relevant sectors, and international organizations, in particular the WHO and the OECD, leading to the development of a common endorsed framework for action addressing issues related to a) promotion of mental health at the workplaces and schools; b) promoting action against depression and suicide; c) developing community mental health care; and (f) promoting the integration of mental health in all policies.

Lead partner

Project manager


BKK (Bundesverband (Federal Association / Company Health Insurance Fund), Germany • MS-DGS (Ministry of Health - Health Directorate General), Portugal; • THL (National Institute for Health and Welfare), Finland; • SUB (Semmelweis University Budapest), Hungary; • AOUI VR (Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata Verona), Italy; • RSMZ (Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Health), Slovenia; • NCPHA (National Center of Public Health and Analyses), Bolgaria; • MZRH (Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia), Croatia; • SST (National Board of Health), Denmark; • SK_MoH (Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic), Slovakia; • MSSSI (Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality), Spain; • TRIMBOS INSTITUUT (Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction), Netherlands; • HSE (Health Services Executive), Ireland; • MHEC (Ministry of Health, Elderly & Community Care), Malta; • NIPH (The Norwegian Institute of Public Health), Norway; • SE (Scottish Executive), Great Britain; • KCL (King’s College London), Great Britain; • SoS (The National Board of Health and welfare), Sweden; • DOHI (Directorate of Health in Iceland), Island; • ERSI (Eesti-Rootsi Vaimse Tervise ja Suitsidoloogia Instituut), Estonia; • UoL (University of Leipzig), Germany; • NVD (Nacionālais veselības dienests), Latvia; • FIOH (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health), Finland; • EUROGIP, France; • PTE (Pécsi Tudományegyetem), Hungary; • TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), Netherlands; • HIIS (Health Insurance institute of Slovenia), Slovenia; • AUSL-BO (Azienda USL Bologna), Italy.

Funded by

Ministry of Health Republic of Slovenia (EAHC-Executive Agency for Health and Consumers / Izvršna agencija za zdravje in potrošnike)


mental health at workplace • mental disorders • promotion • prevention • depression • suicide